Netting Air – From the Low Land – Chikako Watanabe


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Netting Air – From the Low Land

Using photographs, handwritten notes, essays and detailed explanations (in English and Japanese), the artbook “Netting Air – From the Low Land” documents five projects (Survival Net Project, Tide, Lloyd Life, Island Tracing, and Dog Folly) of Amsterdam-based Japanese artist Chikako Watanabe in detail, and provides an overview of the playful works she produced in the last 20 years of her career.
Focusing on social interaction and communication between people, Watanabe’s works often draw inspiration from everyday life’s curiosities. The Survival Net Project, for example, began after a local fisherman taught Watanabe how fishing nets are made and, playing both with the technique and metaphorical meanings of the fishing net, grows to encompass clothes, installations and workshops.
An extensive list of Watanabe’s previous works concludes the artbook.


ISBN 978-4-908062-21-6

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