Espresso cup and saucer – Atelier Van Lieshout & Illy Art Collection


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illy Art Collection 2005 – ATELIER VAN LIESHOUT Espresso Single cup and saucer – rare single cup edition

New and unused condition. Joep van Lieshout (b.1963, Ravenstein) lives and works in Rotterdam. At the Atelier Van Lieshout, founded in Rotterdam in 1995, a team of artists, designers and craftsmen create objects, works of art and architecture for people’s daily lives. Furniture, sculptures, mobile home units, and even an entire district in the town port. Practical, simple constructions and objects, made of recyclable materials and bright colors.

Many represent human beings or penetrate the body to reproduce the internal organs. Placed in a house or outdoors, they speak about continuity and the ongoing exchange between man and the environment he lives in.

This is the theme chosen for this illy collection of four cups. Drawings half way between an anatomy table and radiography describe the different paths of coffee from the mouth to the brain, via colorful systems and organs.

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